Card Tricks

Learning Card Tricks
While you can use typical card decks created for poker or blackjack when learning card tricks, Card Trick decks make card trick magic easy!! Below are unique card trick decks and we are always looking at new ways to offer that shock factor when learning card tricks. We are sure you will enjoy the many card trick decks below. All of the card trick decks offer great routines for any card magician from beginner to expert, enjoy!!! Check back periodically as we are always updating our inventory of card tricks and when you subscribe to This is Magic, you will automatically be informed of when we get new Card tricks or other magic tricks!! Also, when you subscribe, you will instantly receive 5 free magic tricks!! Also check out our Ultimate Card Trick Package. If there is any card trick that you want to learn or cannot find on our site, do not hesitate to drop us an email at and we will help you out in any way and start learning card tricks!!
Psychic Spinner
The Haunted Deck
The Invisible Deck
An eerie card trick that will give anyone the impression that you do have mystical powers!!!
Spooky to everyone that witnesses this trick, it is quite moving to see this one performed!!!
Stated as one of the greatest card tricks in the world. Simple to do with a great shock value. David Blaine special!!!
Daub is a card marking material and a closely guarded secret in the gambling world Now available for Magicians!
Rising Card Routine
Impossible 1 to 52
Royal Fantasy
Brilliant! Anywhere, anytime even with a borrowed deck!
New Item: This is hot! A VERY clever and IMPOSSIBLE effect from the viewpoint of the spectator.
Visually stunning..Instant download!
How would you like to perform a visually stunning routine that blew away millions of viewers on national television?
Ultimate 3 Card Monte
Michael Ammar – Amazing Secrets of Card Magic
“Your Card” trick
A clever, mind boggling, but simple routine to perform..a real classic!! A best seller!!
Want to step up your card magic?? This DVD is for you!!
SIMPLE, STRONG and STUNNING effect which you’re going to love! You’ll have a lot of memories with this one!!
A card jumping routine to leave your spectators in disbelief!!
Color Telepathy
Mental Monte
The Delphic Deck
CardToon 2 Deck
Color-Telepathy is a true mental masterpiece!
A real close-up miracle!
This effect when performed correctly is probably the most baffling and amazing piece of magic you can perform!!
An entertaining card trick that everyone should have in their card routine!!
Chimera Deck
Black Tiger Deck
Show Stopper Card
David Blaine Secrets Revealed!!
This will become one of your favorites of all time!!
The hot new deck that everyone has to have, add more shock value to your tricks!!
Exactly what it name implies, a real show stopper, amazing!!
Ok, now you can learn all the tricks that David Blaine made special on his TV appearance that left everyone amazed!!!
Black Tiger Invisible Deck
The Intercessor
Card to Wallet
The Same Card
Exclusive to This is Magic!! Like the original Invisible Deck, except the thought of card is the Black Tiger Card!!
You will be able to achieve torn corner card effects simply and easily… without switching the corner at any time!
Magic doesn’t get much more direct – or stronger – than this!
A classic betting game!!
The New Limited Edition
Alpha Deck
A twist to “I’ll name your card!
A Classic taken to another level!!
A funny slightly risqué revelation of a chosen card.
A three-phase miracle with a killer ending!
Twilight Angels
Impossible Cards Transposition
Gob Smacked
A heavenly effect by Paul Harris
Not what you think..
Way Cool..