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Read the latest on the top magicians, learn magic trick tips, plus learn what is the latest hot news or effect that is going on in the magic industry. These magic trick articles will provide you with an insight to the work that goes into making magic!! Frequent this page as you’ll never know what you may find in here that may benefit your magic trick juices!!!
Magic Trick Article
Secrets of a Kid Show Magician -How to create the perfect Birthday Party Magic Show!
Conquer Stage Fright – Pointers to give you the confidence you need to perform at your best!!
The Bad Spectator – How to deal with the one who wants to spoil your show.
Dressed for Success – Image can make the difference from a good performance to a great performace.
Top 7 Magic Trick Tips with Invisble Thread – Feel more confident performing with Invisible Thread
Magic Tricks and Kids – what a combination
Top 3 Magic Tips for Performing Magic – learn the correct way.
Pick a Card, Any Card! – perform the classic the right way.
Magic Levitation – The Ultimate in Magic! – learn why levitaion blows people away.
Does it Matter who Performs the Magic? – David Copperfield vs the guy next to you
David Blaine Bringing People Together – Known for his jaw dropping magic tricks, David Blaine also does this..
An Interview with James George – Find out how he invented the ITR and his favorite ITR routine!
Magic Tricks – Impressing Friends and Family – want to impress people like the pros with their magic tricks?
David Copperfield is the man! – The Team at This is Magic had the pleasure of seeing one of his shows!
Magic in a Card Trick – what is it about card magic?
The Whispering Card Trick – a few tips
Magic Tricks Meet Nintendo DS -a review of Nintendo’s Master of Illusion
Magic Tricks To Learn – learn amazing magic tricks today!