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Magic Tricks at This is Magic is what we do. We are always scouring around the Magic Trick world to find unique magic tricks that you may have not seen before or some of your favorite magic tricks that are considered classics and must haves!! Below are just a few magic tricks that we have to offer that pack a powerful punch!! We are currently in the process of updating our inventory of magic tricks so be ready for some more mind blowing, mind ripping and “did I just see what I think I saw” magic trick effects!! By subscribing to This is Magic, you will automatically be notified of new Magic Tricks that we offer and also any specials that we have on all of our magic tricks!! Don’t miss out!! If there is a particular magic trick that you are looking for, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at and we will help you out in anyway we can.
Magic Tricks require lots of practice, as well as natural skill. The same skills that could improve your bluffing game at US, or make you a more natural card handler at an Onlinecasino – will make you a better magician.
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Ultimate Floating Match
Cup Wow
The routine is very clever and will be guaranteed to entertain even the most jaded audience members.
Find out why linking metal through metal has become a classic of Magic!
The ultimate..
You’ve got to see the video on this!
PK Spoon
Mojoe by John Kennedy
Super Hot! New for 2009/10!
The Classic routine of spoon bending with your mind!!! No magnets, heat, strings, chemicals….just pure magic!!
After more than 5 years of underground sales to a select group of Mentalists and Magicians, Rhinesense Mk 4, PROBE is finally available to YOU
Thought Transmitter
Multiplying Balls
Hot Leads
Instantly gain access the secret thoughts of another spectator!!
This classic effect is so beautiful it should be in every magician’s repertoire. The magician produces and vanishes a billiard ball at his fingertips with beautiful graceful movements.
Make a great lasting impression to anyone next time you give out your business card!!
Lightning Switch Finale
Immaculate Transformation
Magical Singing Magnets
Great Close up visual magic, hard to believe what you are seeing!!
This stunning effect is one of the runaway hits from Jay’s Illusioneering lecture.
Don’t miss out on the hottest item since the D’lite! These magnets are addicting and fun for everyone!! Hot new item for 2005 and exclusive to This is Magic!!!
Time Element Cylinder
Star Crash
A diabolical principle that baffles both magicians and laymen!
Not a trick in the usual sense of the word, but a SUCCESSION OF SUCH UNLIKELY EFFECTS, that You must see this to believe it!
Starcrash is a real reputation maker for your close-up and walkaround act!
Thought Transfer
Magic Squiggle
Deluxe Magic Collection #1
Thought Transfer is easy to perform. The stand does all of the work for you!
Hours of fun!! Laugh a minute!! Fun for all ages!! Pure Entertainment!!
Professional Magic Made Easy!
Misled by Timothy Wenk
The Raven
Superman by Kueppers
What more could you ask for? Misled was created by FISM award-winning inventor Timothy Wenk and performed exactly as described in this booklet by David Copperfield on international television!
The Raven has been called one of the best tricks of the last decade!
A mind bending coin routine…
Kineti-Key Jr.
Beyond Okito
Devil’s Coin Bank
A marvelous creation..
How can it be?
Wizard PK Ring
Psychokinetic Pencil
Once worn, never taken off..
Show your mental powers..
Oh My God Effect…
Solid Ghost
Spooky Key Trick
A real screamer..
Doesn’t seem possible…
Tell Tell Water Trick
Vanishing Bandanna
Break The Habit
Very Unique and Visual!
Performed by David Copperfiled!
Must see to believe..
Hot Ball
Beautiful piece to own
A must have..
A direct, hard hitting effect…