This is Magic Customer Testimonials
The Team at This is Magic number one priority is you, the customer.  We always strive to provide the best experience when visiting and dealing with This is Magic!  We like to treat you in the outmost respect and with your best interests.  Basically, if you are not happy, we are not happy is our motto.  We take great pride in providing our customers with the latest and greatest in magic tricks.  The Team at This is Magic would like to thank you for all of your support and wish everyone all the best in the future and in their magic experiences.  We always love to hear from our customers and we appreciate the feedback as it lets us know if we are doing our job correctly.
“Thank you for your superb customer service. It’s nice to know there are still companies that live up to their promises. Your commitment to customer service is apparent and appreciated.  Thank You” – Anthony
“Many thanks for the prompt reply.” – Will
“Hi I just wanted to write and let you know that I have received “Alchemist dream” and I do have to say it’s a great but simple trick, truly a joy to perform and gets amazing reactions. Thank you for responding promptly, and I wish you the best of luck with the new location.” – Ben
“Hey, I have to say that you guys are awesome! I so appreciate the time you have taken to respond to my questions, and make recommendations regarding the magician’s wax. …And to send samples of the wax as well, WOW! You guys definitely have my business.” – Richard
“I wanted to let you know that I received my appearing shovel on Thursday, just as you said I would. Thanks very much for providing such prompt service.” – Art
“Thanks for your quick action. I really appreciate your added bonus. You have proved to be a most excellent organization, and I look forward to placing future orders with you. Best regards” – John
“Thank you for taking good care of this small order. I will be ordering from you again and have told many of your fine service.” – Stanley
“I plan on purchasing more items from your company very soon! Pleasure doing business with you.” – Alrick
“just to let you know, I received the package this morning and am really happy with the contents….I will let you know when I am getting amazing responses from people when I have gone over it all. Also, it has arrived a lot quicker than I thought…
“Thank you so much for the quick reply. This is probably the best customer service I received in a very long time.” – Joey
“I recvd my package yesterday and let me tell you that i am very happy, everything is better than i had hoped for” – Josh
“i just wanted to let u guys know i am very grateful for the customer service i have recieved, and im lookin forward to getting my items” – Justin
“The Guillotine and Sceptre arrived today and I am very pleased with the quality of both items. Thanks for including the free 8 ball effect which is a superb routine. I amazed myself in able to perform this itemwithin minutes of reading the instructions.” – Mark
“hi, i got the poltergiest and the appearing scepter. they are both great.” – Justin
“I appreciate your rapid response to the inquiry about my order. Based on your rapid response I will not hesitate to order from you again in the future.  Its always refreshing to find businesses that care about service and satisfiing their customers.” – David
“I appreciate the effort and your kind attention to my emails.I am looking forward to receiving your quality products.” – Rob