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Levitation Magic
Take Your Magic To The Next Level! Float Objects at Will!

Top 6 Magic Tricks For August 2014

Rubber Bands – A very cool Trick – So visual – So Easy – A must trick to learn and do. Amaze today!

  1. The Ultimate Magic Trick Package – Best kept secret on the internet!

Kevlar Thread – The Best Invisible Thread on The Market Today. This is the way to go.

  1. Kevlar Invisible Thread – The most durable thread on the market today!
    Alpha Reel – The Ultimate Levitation Device – Leviate Objects like never before.
  2. The Ultimate Levitation Device – The One and Only!

Spectra Reel – Perfect For Close up Levitation – The Pros Use this one.

  1. The Spectra – What the professionals use – for real close up magic!
    Magic Trick – Kevlar ITR Pack – The Perfect Starter Kit For Levitation Magic!
  2. Kevlar ITR Pack – Great ITR Package to get into levitation


  1. Titan ITR – with the new Vectra thread!

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